About us

Application specific electronics and industrial controllers - design and manufacturing

We offer 30 years experience in design and implementation of industrial controls and customer specific electronics (medical, imaging, web technologies, etc.).

INLOG is open to development of innovative, niche, customer specific or OEM products.

INLOG was established in 1989 and is located in Katowice (Upper Silesia, southern Poland), central city of an industrial area with over 3 mln inhabitants, 2 international airports in the vicinity and good highway connections.

What we offer

Industrial controllers intended for machines and small to mid size control systems which require specific user interface, input/output configuration or control algorithm, where off-the-shelf products are not applicable. Example products cover a broad range of food industry machines.

Remote management system, allowing construction of an unified data logging structure for different kinds and manufacturers of industrial controllers, with central monitoring and documentation of machines status and production process.

Parallel to industrial controls we developed many electronic products, like:

Our experience and know-how, together with small to mid range manufacturing capabilities allow us to offer complete design, engineering and manufacturing services to our customers.

e-mail: inlog@inlog.pl